18 july 2019
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USD 61.40 64.40
EUR 69.00 72.00
GBP 76.60 79.60
CHF 62.10 65.10
JPY* 56.60 59.60
* 100 units 
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USD 61.37 64.37
EUR 69.12 72.12
GBP 76.61 79.61
CHF - -
JPY* - -
* 100 units 
The current exchange rates should be specified in the Bank offices.
18 july 2019
Val Rate
USD 62.9451
EUR 70.5552
GBP 78.1149
CHF 63.6581
JPY* 58.1398
* 100 units 

phone: + 7 (495) 232-2067
fax: + 7 (495) 232-2067
e-mail: info@interprombank.ru

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 Financial Institutions


Transactions with financial institutions are one of the key activities of INTERPROMBANK. The Bank traditionally emphasizes development of its correspondent network and establishment of correspondent relations with leading Russian and foreign banks.

Available correspondent accounts in major hard currencies and the most popular currencies of the CIS and Baltic countries enable INTERPROMBANK to meet the needs of our customers and contractors in the international settlements and trade finance field.
INTERPROMBANK ranks one of five major participants of the interbank market of transactions in national CIS currencies.

INTERPROMBANK opens correspondent accounts and performs interbank transactions within the framework of the “Know Your Customer” (KYC)procedures, which comply with the Bank of Russia’s requirements aimed at combating money laundering and financing terrorism, and correspond to the relevant international standards.

For more information contact us:

Tel.: +7 (495) 232-2053
e-mail: corr@interprombank.ru;

Natalia Rasporkina – Head of Financial Institutions Department
e-mail: Natalia.Rasporkina@interprombank.ru;

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