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15 august 2018
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 PressBank newsINTERPROMBANK Key Performance Indicators for the Year 2015

INTERPROMBANK Key Performance Indicators for the Year 2015


June 23, 2016 INTERPROMBANK shareholders general meeting approved the Banks Annual Report for the year 2015.

In the reported period INTERPROMBANK increased its capital by 9.0% which amounted to RUB 6.1 bln as of January 01, 2016. 

The Bank balance sheet profit constituted RUB 282,3 mln. 

As of January 01, 2016 the Bank total assets amounted to RUB 39.4 bln.

The Bank bonds portfolio constituted RUB 3.5 bln (without revaluation). INTERPROMBANK bonds portfolio structure is diversified according to the sectors of economy. The Bank keeps following a conservative investment strategy, therefore its main investments are government securities and corporate bonds of reliable emitents, such as large Russian corporates and private banks. More than 95% of the Bank bonds portfolio consists of bonds included into the Bank of Russia Lombard list.

INTERPROMBANK is a wholesale bank, its funding base consists of attracted funds from legal entities and individuals in equal shares: 44.7% vs. 42.5% correspondingly.

Against the recess in the Russian economy, increased volatility in the commodities and capital markets, Russian national currency exchange rate volatility, and limited access to international financial funds INTERPROMBANK key performance indicators showed a relatively high level. The Bank continues to develop the most effective ways to overcome the negative tendencies in the national economy. The Bank intends to hold and gradually strengthen its positions in the Russian market in order to boost its own productivity.